I’ve been using Rimu Hosting for about 6 months now to host various applications (SVN/Helpspot and others) and am very very impressed so far. True they are not the cheapest out there and don’t offer ‘unlimited’ bandwidth (which is the classic marketing lie anyway) but they do give a solid, reliable service. You get what you pay for.

The real ace up their sleeve though is quite revolutionary – they actually employ people that know what they are doing. I mean really know what they are doing.

I’ve contacted them twice with questions (both non-urgent and my own setup problems as I am not a linux guy) and it was sorted out with one email in minutes, literally. Better yet the reply were helpful; detailed, contained helpful links and talked me through what they had done to troubleshoot, find and correct the problem – I really learnt something.

To reiterate, these were not problems with the service they provide, they were down to my lack of Linux/Apache knowledge – they would have been well within their rights to say that it was outside the scope of their support or charge me extra.

The fact that I was astound by this level of support says nearly as much about some of the poor hosting companies out there as it does about Rimu.

Full disclaimer – if you click on this link I get a $15 referral discount, but if you click on this one I don’t.

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