If you have software or device (relay server, fax machine, email client etc) connecting to Gmail via IMAP or SMTP and it stopped working in June or July 2016 then its because Google discontinued support for SSLv3 and RC4 – the solution is to change your connection properties to use TLS.

This is the official Google announcement and reminder.

The solution is to, where possible, change your software or device’s connection to use TLS instead – you will have to consult the device or software manual for how to do this, some common ones are listed below.

  • Outlook 2013/2016 – in Email accounts look for More Settings > Advanced change “Use the following type of encrypted connections” to TLS
  • Thunderbird – look for TLS in connection security.
  • IMAPX (.NET library) – change to System.Security.Authentication.SslProtocols.Tls (error is “ImapX.ImapException: dont connect”)

If you’re device/software doesn’t support TLS then you’ve got problems.

For reading mail – get something else!

For sending email – you can setup an email gateway to deliver it or send it to a relay that will then send to Gmail via TLS.


Googles official help page for setting up email clients.

Googles official dashboard showing service status.


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