If you have software¬†or device (relay server, fax machine, email client etc) connecting to Gmail via IMAP or SMTP and it stopped working in June or July 2016 then its because Google discontinued support for SSLv3 and RC4 – the solution is to change your connection properties to use TLS. This is the official Google […]

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From the BBC news website – Living without money and swapping skills So if someone told you there was a way to claw back some of those treats that eat into your disposable income, you would probably jump at the chance.¬†Well, actually there is a way, and it is older than money itself. It used […]

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Ryan on May 29, 2010

Its that time again – upgrading OS. This time to Windows 7. I figure its been long enough now for the serious kinks to be worked out and I’ve been putting it off long enough. Its not the installation itself that is hard – mostly its a simple as bunging in a DVD, selecting a […]

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Ryan on October 22, 2009

Microsoft have possibly the most comprehensive and generous partner program of any technology company. Unfortunately, just like Microsoft its self and any large organisation the program has become so big and so complex that its overwhelming. Empower or Bizspark? Action Pack or Certified? Which specialisation – ISV,Small Buisness, Custom Development . How to get points? […]

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Ryan on September 27, 2009

I’ve been using WordPress for a little while and whilst its generally very good at what it does I do get frustrated by limitations in the editor. The two things I miss the most are being able use tables and to set styles such a “Quotation”, “Note Callout” in the same way that you do […]

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Ryan on May 21, 2009

I’ve been using Rimu Hosting for about 6 months now to host various applications (SVN/Helpspot and others) and am very very impressed so far. True they are not the cheapest out there and don’t offer ‘unlimited’ bandwidth (which is the classic marketing lie anyway) but they do give a solid, reliable service. You get what […]

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Ryan on October 26, 2008

Jason over at Expat Software has written about how much friction is involved in signing up for StackOverflow because of their choice to use OpenID. Compared to the zero friction process required to sign up to use his Twiddla service (just click new meeting) StackOverflow comes in at a frustrating 14 steps or so. And […]

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